DementedFX BioMedCorp Featurette

Kirby Productions created this 2 minute documentary type featurette for the DementedFX Haunted House. The video was used on the DementedFX website as well as virally on social media sites such as "Facebook" to tell the story about their new haunted house.

See the DementedFX Haunted House commercial here!

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DFX /  BioMedCorp Featurette

DFX / 
BioMedCorp Featurette

Mychal Connolly /  Public Speaking Promo

Mychal Connolly / 
Public Speaking Promo

Vanderbilt University  / Leslie Labruto

Vanderbilt University  /
Leslie Labruto

Applied Systems / CSR24

Applied Systems / CSR24