Skype call turns undeadly... / by Al Liptak

Author Ty Drago has done it again!

Will Ritter and his gang of Undertakers are back in book four of Ty Drago's The Undertakers series. "The Last Siege of Haven" hits shelves on May 24th 2015 and is sure to be a must buy for all the young middle school horror fans out there!

Al Liptak of Kirby Productions recently teamed up with author Ty Drago to create a trailer for the new novel. Based on a passage from the book, the trailer takes place during a skype call between our favorite hero Will and his chief Tom. All seems well until Will gives Tom a scare of undeadly proportions! 

Brett Kelley: Art Mercenary provided the make up effects on Tim Wylie, (star of #ZombieBromance Winner "Giving Head") and we got great acting performances out of newcomers Jack Woodbury as Will Ritter and Zach Chechile as Tom Jefferson.

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