Are Music Videos Still Relevant? / by Al Liptak

Top 3 Reasons to Make a Music Video

Music videos are all over the internet and social media sites these days... They are the fastest way to make your music hit more ears than ever. Whether its a lyric video, animated video, or a professional shot music video, any way you slice it, music videos will get more eyes and ears on to your band... Just shoot it!

Below are my top 3 reasons every musician should have a music video.



29 of the top 30 most viewed videos on youtube as of 2015 are music videos.



2. They will make your music go VIRAL.

The average person is more likely to watch and share a video on social media than listen to a music link.


1. Weird Al

Weird Al launched a viral video campaign last year. He put out 8 music videos in 8 days leading up to the release of Mandatory Fun. The result? Tons of publicity, hundreds of thousands of views and Weird Al's first #1 album ever! EVER! It was also the first comedy album to be #1 since 1963!!! Now if that doesn't show how important music videos can be I don't know what does!