WOW!!! These 8-13 yr olds are better than Lebron at free throws! / by Al Liptak

The Elks National Hoop Shoot 2014

Think you can hit 25 out of 25 free throws? Well these kids can! 

A few months back The 2014 Elks National Hoop Shoot took place in Springfield, MA, the birthplace of basketball. Kid's 8-13 from all parts of the country came together to see who was the best free throw shooter. Let me tell you they did not disappoint! It was a tight competition for every age group with BJ Burries coming out as the victor with a perfect 25 out of 25.

(I later found out that BJ was a perfect 75 of 75 thru states regionals and finals! Lebron who?) 

The Elks National Foundation is responsible for this event and really treats these kids right. The kids and their families had dinner at center court in the basketball hall of fame and then took over the HOF for a scavenger hunt ending in a blizzard of basketballs flying from hoop to hoop.

Not only is this a fun time for the kids, it also instills discipline and teaches them valuable lessons on and off the court. 

Win or lose the participants in there family all went home with smiles after a great, fun, and educational bonding experience they will cherish forever!


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Article written by Al Liptak

Video By Kirby Productions