Grunge, Metal, Hip Hop, Puppets, Wrestlers all wrapped up in a Pop Punk shell! / by Al Liptak

Funzzle "Same Old Song"

Funzzle wanted a video to just be goofy, fun, and not take anything too seriously. Thats exactly what the "Same Old Song" is...

This was an intense shoot and edit. 5 different outfits, cameos and puppets each shot with 2 cameras in front of a green screen. The shoot took 12 hours in the studio, as well as another 1 hour on location for the "man watching TV shots." 

Editing was another battle. Over 100 different shots in front of the green screen needed to be keyed, a multitude of backgrounds needed to be created and everything needed to be pieced together and synched to the music. After a good 40 hours of time, the video was then sent for color grading and added effects.

This was probably one of the most time consuming, intricate projects for us here at Kirby Productions, but the result is one hell of a good time.