The New Way To Create a Movie... TentSquare Has Arrived. / by Al Liptak

This is TentSquare

An unbelievable new social media crowd sourcing site just popped up at SXSW and is taking the filmmaking world by storm. Its called TentSquare and it is a brand new, exciting way to get indy filmmakers on the map. From directors and producers to actors and stunt people, TentSquare is an interactive social community uniting filmmakers of all kinds in one place.

But its not just a social media connection site. It goes further...

TentSquare has "projects" which hold sort of contests to get your film made. Writers can submit their ideas, and "the crowd" will vote for which they think is best. Then a cinematographer can submit their reel, and "the crowd" will vote for which they think is best, and so on and so on til the film has a complete cast and crew completely connected thru TentSquare.

Andrew van den Houten, the owner of Modern Cine and producer of such fine horror films as Lucky McKee's "The Woman," is the founder of TentSquare. To me this gives me added assurance that TentSquare is for filmmakers by filmmakers. I signed up and am already following both Andrew and Lucky and countless other filmmaking professionals!

So what are you waiting for?

Head over to and sign up right now!

Lets make a movie together!

TentSquare is also on Facebook!