Got a min? Bands, Businesses, Blood, and More! / by Al Liptak

A 1.5 min demo reel captures a variety of aspects of video all produced by Al Liptak.

Al Liptak, owner of Kirby Productions, purchased his first camera as a freshman in highschool. What began as a series short horror skits and boneheaded stunts, captured with friends, soon took on a professional role in Al's life.

"Growing up my father constantly took home movies. Everywhere we'd go, on vacation, celebrating a birthday, there was always a camera capturing the events."


Al believes this is what led to his love of video production. Yes, his fathers videos were a bit sloppy and chaotic, but the emotion everyone felt watching these home videos really caught Al's attention. 

"My favorite part about producing videos, provoking emotion in the viewer."


Al first began shooting short horror films. This was his way to reach the emotions inside his audience. His videos would shock or frighten onlookers as well as make them laugh. 

After graduating from college Al dove head first into music video production. This combined both his love for music with his love for videos which seemed to be the perfect fit. Al has produced videos for Creepin Cadavers, Funzzle, Sadplant, J Prozac and more. Creating fun, exciting storylines and capturing the passion of the bands.

14 years after it all began, Al now has an award winning commercial and plenty of corporate videos to go along with the music videos and horror shorts. From weddings to funerals (yes you read that right... Al has captured a funeral), Al has produced such a vast variety of videos, you'll never know what kirby productions is going to come up with next!

Here is a list of videos contained in Al Liptak's Demo Reel. (Featured Above)

Action on the Radio Live
Drained Glory "Terminal"
"Dirt Dawg" Jeremy Leary Promo
J Prozac "A Boy and His Bike"
TommyCar Auto "Pedestrian Crossing"
TommyCar Auto "Puppet"
Funzzle "Heroine"
Al Liptak's "Rotting Joy"
Ryan Vella's "Where the Horizon Ends"
Yucky Octopus
Creepin Cadavers "Once Bitten"
Soular Bears
Aquafresh "Romance"
Ride For Boston
"Making Meghan" Web Series
Floyd Patterson Band Live
Tom Cosenzi Driving for the Cure
Custom Sprockets
Jewish Family Services
Sadplant "Junkie"
Isshin Taiko

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