From television commercials to capturing live seminars, Kirby Productions produces the videos that are perfect for your business. From local car dealerships such as the TommyCar Auto Group, to national colleges such as Vanderbilt University, we’ve had the pleasure of creating a wide variety of videos for a diverse group of corporate clients.

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Need a unique 30 second spot for your business? You came to the right place. From scriptwriting to editing and everything in between, Kirby Productions creates the story and branding that is right for your business.

TV Commercial (Spokesperson)    

Starting at $550

Fast, affordable, and memorable, these commercials always seem stuck in your head! We’ll create a impressive 30 second spot of the face of your company in front of a green screen or simple background. Motion Design (graphics and titles) are added to create an intriguing and exciting video. These commercials are great for businesses that have new deals happening weekly. Don’t have a writer? No need to worry! Kirby Productions has the skills to write that unforgettable commercial your business needs!

Example: Car Dealership or Discount Furniture Commercials


TV Commercial (Cinematic)            

Starting at $950

Is a spokesperson type commercial is not your thing? Kirby creates full story, cinematic commercials as well. Similar to a 30 second movie, our “cinematic” style commercials use a short script and storyline. Situations, characters, and dialogue create a clever and unique branding for the business. This is best for businesses looking to create an identity or solidify their brand with a funny or emotional commercial that will play for a long period of time reaching a vast audience.

“TommyCar Auto Puppet” & “TommyCar Auto Pedestrian”


Digital Signage                        

Starting at $500

Make your trade show booth stand out from the pack with digital signage from Kirby Productions. Digital Signage uses motion design to create visually intriguing “video wallpaper” that brands your business, explains what your business is, or shows off a new product. The use of titles and graphics creates a unique background video that is a great eye catcher at trade shows and other events.


Product Videos                        

Starting at $400

Kirby Productions product videos are a great way to evoke emotion and create a need for your businesses new product. We can produce infomercial style product videos or use a documentary style approach complete with interviews, video footage, photos, and motion design, describing and highlighting key features of a product. These videos are great way to show off a new product to your audience via the web or at trade shows.


How-To Videos                        

Starting at $350

Sometimes the best way to sell a product is to show its ease of use. Kirby Productions produces how-to videos that show just how simple your product really is, while creating new interest to an increasing audience. Our how-to videos utilize a spokesperson or voiceover combined with HD video footage demonstrating how a product works to create a professional video that can be used in training seminars, on the web, and more.

Live Events                           

Starting at $100

Want to capture a live seminar, trade shows, or any other business event? Kirby Productions specializes in both solo and multi-camera event coverage using multiple angles. This allows the viewer to watch as if they were attending the event in person.


Editing & Motion Design                

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Already have a bunch of unused footage? Are your videos outdated and think some graphics may help to spice things up a bit? Kirby Productions will edit your old footage to make it shine once more! Just email us for a free quote on your project.

To view more examples please use the links located in the "Corporate" folder at the top of the page or visit our YouTube channel.