Kirby Productions prides itself on producing professional, visually engaging videos for bands of all genres at affordable prices. Celebrate and share your music visually with an “MTV” style music video. Create a personal connection with your audience through an EPK (electronic press kit). Capture your live performances in HD and share it with the world. Kirby Productions even creates eye-catching “Lyric Videos,” the next big thing in viral music videos.


Take a look at some of our options below or email for your FREE custom quote!


Music Videos                        

Starting at $550

From one location performance videos to premiere cinematic storylines, Kirby Productions creates the music video thats perfect for your band. The Kirby Productions’ crew has over 10 years experience with music videos and has worked with over 15 different bands including Killswitch Engage, Waltham, Creepin Cadavers, J Prozac, and more!


Promotional EPK Video                

Starting at $400

What better way to celebrate and share the excitement about your band and your new album than with a 5 minute documentary style video? Not only is it a good way for fans to hear a sampling of your music, they will also feel an even closer connection to your band and your music just by watching!


Live Video                            

Starting at $300

Have a big gig coming up that you’d love to capture and share with promoters, record labels, and of course fans? Kirby Productions specializes in multi-camera live video shoots. Capture the full show, individual songs or create a highlight reel featuring the best moments of the night!


Lyric Video                            

Starting at $350

Lyric Videos are the next big thing in the music industry! These videos are an excellent way for your fans to hear your music and learn the lyrics to shout out at your next show. Kirby Productions’ advanced motion design skills create a unique visual experience,  perfect for your audience.


To view more examples please use the links located in the "Bands" folder at the top of the page or visit our YouTube channel.